Peter Borsari

Marion, MA
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    Peter Borsari
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    492 Delano Rd

    Marion, MA, 02738

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  • Together with my daughter, Lisa, we offer a wide variety of crafting creations.   To be honest, my daughter is the talented member of this team and I am constantly amazed at her creativity and talent.    To see examples of her beautiful work, take a look on Facebook at The Cellar On Delano.  So what if I am a proud dad.

    Me, I have a small woodshop and make some of the raw pieces she turns in to her beautiful creations.   Also, when she gives me time,  I make thing like cribbage boards,  wall hangings, signs, cheese boards, all with a nautical feel.  Also, I love to work with antique furniture and turn those forgotten chairs into family heirlooms.   I’m pretty good at all styles of seat weaving and especially love to work on cane and fiber rush weaving.  I am located in a small town just off Cape Cod and within reason, will gladly come to visit you to see the pieces to be repaired.   Also, I have several pieces that I have done that for sale.  If you want to see examples of my work, please look at The Cellar On Delano.




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