Be Seated

Columbus, Ohio
  • Name:
    Jill Holl
  • Business:
    Be Seated
  • Address:

    338 Chambersburg Rd

    Columbus, Ohio, 43207

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    614 638 0114
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  • Be Seated is a small, home-based caning and reseating business in south
    Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been caning almost 25 years; my daughter is now
    “apprenticing”. (Her favorite 
    kind of seat is fibre rush.) 
    We offer seven-step octagonal   cane, pre-woven cane, fibre 
    rush, 6mm herringbone, New
    England porch cane, woven reed,
    and leather replacement seats. 
    (I have just accepted my first 
    suspended medallion back. I’m
    anxious to begin work on this 
    Giving new life to old favorites is simply a way of life for us.
    Seasoned wood has a comfortable feel - a new seat and a little 
    orange oil makes a world of 
    difference to family pieces or a new find. 
    We will be happy to help you 
    “Be Seated”.


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