Master’s Touch Furniture Service

Fredericksburg, Virginia
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    Steve Nearman
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    Master’s Touch Furniture Service
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    73 Caisson Rd

    Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22405

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    United States
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  • We are a full service company with over 45 years experience, able to take care of all your furniture needs – stripping, refinishing, in-home touch-up, repairs, regluing, brass polishing, piano finishing, kitchen refinishing and true antique restoration including all types of seat weaving. We are small enough to give personalized service in your home, large enough to provide quick efficient services for commercial customers. Insurance work? Yes! We have many years experience handling fire and water damage, transit, and vandalism claims, plus any other difficulties that may arise. Proposals are in writing, with the price guaranteed for 60 days. All repairs are guaranteed against any defect in workmanship or material with a written 1 year warranty. If you are a person who values quality then The Master’s Touch is your choice for professional furniture restoration services.



    Fredericksburg, VA

    Luther, OK



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