DKR Cane-Seat Replacements

Darlene Roehm
Manheim, PA

DKR Cane-Seat Replacements

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  • Name:
    Darlene Roehm
  • Business:
    DKR Cane-Seat Replacements
  • Address:
    Manheim, PA, 17545
  • Country:
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  • Description

  • I do hand-cane and pressed cane seat replacements. I am located close to the Manheim Auto Auction in Manheim, PA. You can contact me at
    I do not refinish the chair and I reserve the right to not accept a job that I feel is beyond my abilities or to work on a chair that is not sound structurally. I will be asking for a 50% deposit plus materials.

  • Location

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